Did you know that 85% of diabetes related amputations are preceded by a non-healing ulcer?

The American Diabetes Association’s “2010 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes” statement on diabetic foot care and the newly established Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) for the treatment of feet of patients with diabetes “requires” an annual comprehensive diabetic foot examination to assess all lower extremity risk factors. To provide you with the best possible diabetic foot care, I am instituting these recommendations into my practice effective immediately.

What Happens During a Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam

I am advising all of my patients with diabetes to schedule a Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam (CDFE) appointment so that we can perform the necessary non-invasive testing and exam to meet this requirement. (This examination should only take about 15 minutes) This exam will not include the treatment of your corns, calluses, or nails.

Please remember to bring in a list of all medications that you are currently taking and any shoes and insoles that have been provided through the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program. If you are not part of this program, please bring in shoes that you would typically wear.

You should of course continue to be carefully monitored by your primary care physician as your condition warrants. We will coordinate your foot care with your primary care to help prevent serious complications.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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