Cosmetic foot surgery is the new wave of cosmetic surgery to hit the scene. Women are racing to their podiatrist offices to have their foot surgically altered to better fit into shoes. Now, we're not talking about foot surgery for chronic, painful conditions...we're talking about foot surgery that re-shapes your foot so you can squeeze them into tiny, uncomfortable shoes.

Foot Problems That Can Require Foot Surgery

Conditions such as bunions or hammertoes are common foot problems that may require surgery due to the pain they cause. However, in our office, these conditions along with most others, are first treated through conservative measures such as strapping, pads, or injections. We always use surgery as a last resort to treat conditions, but it is a good treatment method for people who suffer from these problems and experience pain or cannot fit into shoes...even the wide ones.

All About the Shoes

This is not the cosmetic foot surgery we're referring to, however. Some women are so infatuated with shoes and shoe brands, they are willing to cut off their toes to fit into them! Yes, you heard right, women are having their fifth (little) toe removed so they can better fit into tine, narrow shoes, especially high heels. This type of elective surgery has podiatrists concerned. There are many risks and complications associated with surgery and even after surgery. There are complications that could happen in the ER and risks of infection after the surgery that have podiatrists so worried.

So the question is, are you willing to risk your life to fit into some Christian Louboutins? Feet types are as individual as your personality. Some people just genetically have wide feet which may require them to wear wide size shoes...that's life and with all the recent advances in stylish wide shoes available now a days there is really no reason to take the risk. The best way to prevent such complications is to practice prevention. In order to prevent foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes, calluses and much more is to prevent them in the first place.


Tips to Preventing Foot Problems:

1. Wear proper fitting shoes
2. Get regular check ups
3. Change shoes as needed (when they are worn down)
4. Alternate shoes from day to day
5. Wear the correct she for the correct activity

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