The heels of your feet can be a huge problem for some people. Dry, cracked, and discolored heels can be embarrassing, especially in the summer when many people are wearing sandals and open shoes. In addition, the appearance of your heels can be warning you of a deeper issue your feet or body can be experiencing. 

dry cracked heels

What is Causing Your Heel to Crack

The causes of dry, cracked, even discolored heels can vary. The cause may be a problem such as fungus, like athlete's foot. In addition, walking barefoot or wearing open back shoes, like sandals or flip flops can dry out the heels causing them to crack. The discoloration is often caused by wearing open backed shoes or wearing shoes without socks. 

What is the Danger with Dry, Cracked Heels

The problem with dry, cracked heels, aside from them being unsightly, is that they can get infected. The cracks in the heels allow bacteria and fungus to get in and harbor. There are many ways to treat your dry, cracked heels. While an at home remedy for dry heels consists of routinely using a pumice stone and a GOOD foot cream, our office has an electric file that can rid your heels of the extra skin in just one visit. 

How to Get Rid of Dr, Cracked Heels

Our highly efficient sander allows for you to eliminate the dry skin and makes at home maintenance much more manageable. This procedure is painless and only takes about 15 minutes in the office. Once we sand off the excess skin, we will recommend a great foot cream that will continue to eliminate extra skin from piling on and keep your feet well hydrated. 

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