Most frostbite cases can be treated as long as they are treated early! It is vital that you see a medical professional as soon as you notice you have signs of frostbite.

Frostbite is caused when the body slows the movement of blood to areas farthest from the core. This is your bodies way of protecting it's vital organs. Your hands and feet are most commonly effected, with your feet taking the lead due to their higher likelihood of being wet or submerged in water.

Most people suffer from frostbite because they are not well prepared or educated on the early warning signs. People participating in winter sports such as sledding or everyday tasks like shoveling the driveway have a higher chance of being effected from frostbite because they are not prepared.

The early warning signs of frostbite include:

1. Itchy, painful skin

2. Pink or white blotches

3. Numbness

4. Hardening of the skin

These are the most common early warning signs of frostbite. Once you have experienced these symptoms, you are well on your way to frostbite that can be hard to treat. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should call a doctor immediately.

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