Fungal Nail Treatments

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
Owner of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in Piscataway & Hillsborough, NJ

If nail fungus is left untreated, fungal nail infections can affect the entire nail and surrounding skin.

Here at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, we have many pain free, noninvasive, and quick methods to treat this stubborn condition.  For many years before there was only one tried and true technique, Lamisil.  However, there are many downsides to the Lamisil. 

*  May have negative effects on Liver

*  May have negative effects on Kidney
*  Frequent testing of liver required
*  Less effective
*  Age requirement for use
*  It’s expensive

Now, however, we have  different treatment options that are more affordable and more effective.  We have incorporated the K-Laser and Keryflex into our office.  These treatment methods have proven results and patients love the convenience they offer.

*  It is topical
*  It makes your toenails look better NOW
*  Not harmful to body
*  Affordable
*  Painless
*  Quick and easy

We also offer Formula 3 to allow our patients an option to continue treatment at home.  This product is so efficient that the company offers a MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE! This product will eliminate fungus on the nail and the surrounding skin.