Gordon Syndrome is an extremely rare disorder that belongs to a group of genetic disorders known as the Distal Arthrogryposes. It is an inherited condition. Gordon syndrome causes problems with joints. Treatment usually includes surgery and physical therapy.

Symptoms of Gordon Syndrome

The condition effects the joints of the ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows. These joints tend to be permanently fixed in a bent or flexed position. Gordon Syndrome is characterized by the permanent fixation of several fingers in a flexed position, abnormal bending inward of the foot, and, less often, incomplete closure of the roof of the mouth (also called cleft palate). Gordon syndrome can cause clubfoot and delay walking.

Treatment for Gordon Syndrome

Treatment will depend on the case. It usually takes a team of doctors to help determine the best treatment approach. Surgery is used to treat clubfoot and cleft palates. Physical therapists are used to help gain mobility of fingers and hands.


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