We Want to Make Sure You are Fully Educated on Proper Foot Health

These articles will teach you all about common foot problems. We encourage patients to always consult a doctor before self-medicating, however, it is essential to understand your condition. 

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  • Perinatal Tissue and Growth Factor Injections Can Heal You Safely Perinatal tissue and growth factor injections can be used to treat many foot and ankle conditions. This safe and ethical process can be used to speed up healing, end pain and more.
  • Shockwave Therapy May Painlessly End Your Chronic Foot Pain We offer shockwave therapy for plantar fasciits as well as other common foot problems. This is a great alternative to traditional surgery with faster recovery.
  • Treating High Arches Surgery is usually the last resort when it comes to foot and ankle pain. We believe in exhausting all conservative treatment before jumping to surgery. However, sometimes surgery is needed to fully correct the issue.
  • Are Your Feet Getting Skinnier? Heel pain can be caused by the fat pads on the heel of the foot becoming thinner. This is usually be caused by age and can cause a lot of pain in the foot.
  • Treating Heel Pain Our Hillsborough, NJ Podiatrists can treat heel pain painlessly and easily. There are many treatment options available for heel pain that can done in our office.
  • Laser Therapy Treats Heel Pain Laser Therapy is a painless treatment option for chronic heel pain, achilles tendonitis, heel spurs and more.
  • What Causes Heel Pain & How to Prevent it There are many different causes of heel pain also known as plantar fasciitis. Learn what caused your foot pain and how we can finally get you pain free!
  • Three Types of Foot Orthotics Orthotics are used to correct irregular walking patterns, support the archs, and to help feet feel better. They also help to stabalize the foot and ankle. There are different types of orthotics, your podiatrist or pedorthist can prescribe the best fit for your foot.