High arches is a common problem. Many people are born with high arches, as many are born with flat feet (the opposite). High arches can lead to the foot becoming very rigid. The foot will not bend easily so it will not be able to absorb shock as well as a normal foot. This means walking and running can be painful and lead to many common foot problems.

high arch pain

Common Problems with High Arches Include:

1. Achilles Tendonitis

2. Stress Fractures

3. Ankle Instability

4. Fallen Arches

How to Treat High Arches

The best way to treat high arches is to get a customized orthotic, or at least some sort of orthotic. The orthotic will help support your foot, brace the arch to better absorb shock and relieve pressure. Injections could help if you experience a lot of pain.  There is no surgery that will be able to fix the arches.

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