Proper footwear is an important part of an overall treatment program for people with diabetes, even for those in the earliest stages of the disease. Wearing the correct footwear is essential in your treatment of any diabetic related foot complications! 


People with diabetes should choose shoes that are: 

  • Accommodate, stabilize and support deformities such as Charcot foot, loss of fatty tissue, hammertoes and amputations.

  • Limit motion of joints. Limiting the motion of certain joints in the foot can often decrease inflammation, relieve pain, and result in a more stable and functional foot.

  • Reduce shock and shear. A reduction in the overall amount of vertical pressure, or shock, on the bottom of the foot is desirable, as well as a reduction of horizontal movement of the foot within the shoe, or shear.

  • Relieve areas of excessive pressure. Any area where there is excessive pressure on the foot can lead to skin breakdown or ulcers

Is it time for orthotics? 

Orthoses or inserts  is a removable insole which provides pressure relief and shock absorption. Both pre-made and custom-made orthoses or inserts are commonly prescribed for patients with diabetes, including a special "total contact orthosis," which is made from a model of your foot and offers a high level of comfort and pressure relief.

If you are tired of going from store-to-store in hopes to find shoes that cover the checklist above, orthotics may be for you. Luckily, depending on your diagnosis and insurance coverage, you may qualify for diabetic shoes at little to no cost out of pocket. Medicare has a program designed to reduce serious foot injuries and amputations so they will help to offload the cost for these patients. To see if you qualify, make an appointment with us by calling our office in Piscataway (732) 968-3833 or Hillsborough (908) 874-8030.

Robert Kosofsky, D.P.M.
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