Are you suffering from Neuropathic pain?

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
Owner of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in Piscataway & Hillsborough, NJ

Are you tired of taking medications for your neuropathy? Medications such as Lyrica and Neurontin have become mainstays in treating painful symptoms such as numbness, tingling, burning, shooting, throbbing and stabbing that many times accompany Neuropathic disease. However, more often than not, my patients are not satisfied with the results of these medications and are even more discouraged by the side effects that commonly occur. And although these medications have provided some relief to millions of patients currently suffering from the disease effects, the question that I frequently hear is "After all these years, and all this research isn't there something more that could be done." Our patients want more. Our patients want to live pain free, not just a few symptoms free with some drowsiness on the side. 

Unfortunately, Neuropathy, no matter what the etiology, has always been considered a devastating progressive disorder that affects a patient's physical health, emotional health, and quality of life. For years researchers and doctors have tried to find medications as well as lifestyle changes that can help the neuropathic patient cope with symptoms and decrease or prevent morbidities that have an increased chance of developing in this population. In the past, treatments have been focused on controlling the disease process, if one is known for a patient, controlling the symptoms with medications and even vitamins, and attempting to prevent common complications such are ulcerations, infections, amputation, through conservative measures which include off-loading deformities and areas of increased pressures, regular foot exams and prompt treatment. But our patients are still suffering. When I talk to my peers, whether they are in my specialty or in internal medicine, endocrinology, oncology, nephrology, etc . We just like the patients are waiting for someone to say I have the answer. 

Perhaps we have been looking to narrowly for success in treating neuropathy. As I have learned in life: 2 minds are greater than 1 , 3 better than 2 and so on. I believe, just like in many medical breakthroughs, the answer to finding an effective treatment for neuropathy 1st comes in a TEAM approach. We most all work and communicate together, teach each other our successes and failures to help find the best protocol to Neuropathic treatment. That being said, Neurontin and Lyrica have helped symptoms and have improved the quality of life of many neuropathic patients and they should not be eliminated from treatment protocols. Rather, it would seem to me that success builds on success and we have to find further treatments to add to our protocols to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction. One such treatment which through several clinical trails has showed great promise in recent years is the MicroVas treatment. 

What is MicroVas?? 

An FDA approved noninvasive electrical stimulation device that delivers a High Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC) to targeted areas within the body. The device causes blood to pump more efficiently through microcirculation, therefore increasing tissue oxygen levels and accelerating the healing process. 

On the micro level, studies have shown that following MicroVas treatment, it has been shown that abnormally functioning nerve receptors normalize. Even more exciting is the type and amount of normalizing nerve receptors (nerve receptor in general is the part of the nerve that get the signal and passes it along to make things happen )which include nociceptors for sensory function, proprioceptors for position and tense sense, motor endplates for motor function. Furthermore, in addition to improvements in the nerve receptors, MicroVas has been found to stimulate abnormally functioning nerve axons to improve conduction and function and has been associated with axon remeyelination  (for those of you who don't know, axons are the highway down which nerve messages from receptors are relayed, myelin is the protecting coating of axons and is needed for signal travel down the axon to occur properly). On a larger level, MicroVas treatments have also been shown to stimulate reflex pathways in the spinal cord and influence the Central Nervous System affecting memories in the Cerebellar system. 

So what does this all mean?? it means a great deal! In addition to treating the symptoms of neuropathy that I mentioned above, a vast number of nerve related disorders may see improvement if treated with MicroVas.  It means that patient's with Multiple Sclerosis may be able to regain strength and perhaps walk again. Phantom limb pain after amputation may be extinguished. Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome can be improved, Radiculopathy from Nerve compression injuries can now be improved.

The research findings are remarkable because that we have an option for treatment that doesn't just mask the symptom, but rather treats the cause of the symptoms. MicroVas treatment is exciting and hopeful because it is there not solely to help or improve the symptoms of the disease, but rather to treat underlying causes of these diseases and perhaps reverse them. This reversal in damage is a very exciting and new concept. 

Our patients want and need more. Our patients want to live pain free, not just a few symptoms free with some drowsiness on the side. And we at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists are determined to make sure you get better. Each patient is unique and therefore treatment protocols must be able to adapt to the patient and to add new research and findings when necessary. Keeping the blog in mind and the idea of "more" it is important to know that at Family Foot and & Ankle Specialists, we don't stop until we make you better. We will find your MORE. And the MicroVas therapy is a phenomenal addition to our family of more. Don't Suffer in pain call us to see if this is your MORE.