Why am I Feeling Foot and Ankle Pain? 

A lot of the times when you experience foot and ankle pain, it can be brief, only lasting a few days and it seems to go away on its own. Maybe your do-it-yourself methods worked and all pain that you felt is gone. That’s great but there are instances where this pain doesn’t go away on its own or with your at-home methods. There can be a reason for your foot and ankle pain that is obvious to pin-point and can help your recovery. But there are also moments where you may need a bit of help identifying the root of the issue. That is where it is important to track how long you have felt pain so you can later tell your doctor, so they are able to help to the best of their ability. Whether you know what caused it but it is not going away or you have no clue; let’s help identify how you can feel that foot and ankle pain relief. 

Reasons I Feel Foot and Ankle Pain?

There are several reasons why you may experience foot and ankle pain. The best way to relieve foot and/or ankle pain would be first to determine what the cause of pain is. Below are some stepping stones to help you begin to explain to your podiatrist what type of foot or ankle pain you are having.If you have been experiencing pain for a long period of time and it is only getting worse then this may be a sign of structural changes in the foot or ankle. This could mean there is some underlying condition that needs to be looked at as soon as possible so you can fix it. 

Reasons For Long Term Pain 

Poor footwear, this happens more often than you’d think! A lot of people do not wear the proper shoes and you end up paying for it in the long run, that’s why it is important to make sure you are finding shoes that are comfortable and offer your feet a lot of support. 

Morning pain/ pain after sitting or resting: This term is also called “Post-static dyskinesia”  and is used to explain pain that may occur after rest. The pain stems from swelling in an area after injury and even micro-injury. The swelling is created as the body attempts to heal itself as you rest. The best way to relieve this pain is to find out what is causing the injury and subsequent swelling.

Pain while standing for long periods of time or at the end of the day can be from stress and overuse. The best way to relieve this pain is to Rest and Ice the area and discuss with your podiatrist why the overuse is occurring which can be determined with a good review of history and a biomechanical exam.

Some other reasons for pain: 

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue disease, nerve damage, and/or poor blood circulation then this could be the reason for your pain. This is why it is important to speak to your primary doctor and see a podiatrist to get to the bottom of your pain. 


What can I do in between doctor visits? 


Remember, RICE is a great and effective way to give your ankle some pain relief. To recap, RICE stands for:







Exercising is also a great way to feel some foot and ankle relief, we have great stretches/exercises we give to our patients after their visit with us. When taking this route, it is important to keep in mind to be gentle with your exercises and to not overextend yourself. 

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