Our financial team strives to make your life at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists as easy and comfortable as possible.  For that reason, we have developed this area on the website to answer all of your insurance questions, as well as provide easy, quick tips.  As we all know, reading insurance benefits can be as difficult as trying to de-code another language.  It seems like one day your plan is a certain way and then out of nowhere, with no warning it all changes! 

Our financial team wants to keep you abreast to all of the changes or important dates that could effect your health care coverage. Especially in these times, where everything we know about health care could change, it is vital to stay current and up to date about your coverage.
Any slight change in your health care plan could deeply impact your mental and financial well being.  In addition, if you need any foot or ankle care at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, we are happy to do a COMPLIMENTARY BENEFITS CHECK so you fully understand exactly what your plan will cover for you while you are being treated in our office, meaning no surprise bills!

insurance plans
Below are some questions to review while choosing an insurance plan:

  • Is the insurer financially strong?
  • Are the premium payments competitive?
  • What are the exclusions from coverage?
  • Are the premiums for dependents reasonable?
  • How much flexibility does an insured have to choose doctors?
  • What employees can be covered?
  • Can part-time employees be covered?
  • What does the insured have to pay for each doctor visit?
  • What deductibles are present?
  • What dependents are eligible for coverage?
  • Will benefits be available to gay partners of the employee?
  • Will the employee be entitled to continuation of coverage under COBRA after termination of employment, and under what terms?
  • What hospitalization and major medical expenses are covered?
  • How does the policy compare with other health insurers?

We are always here to help. If you need any help with your insurance plan, please call our office and speak to our financial department. We want to help make this process as smooth and easy for you!

For our easy to use insurance plan checklist developed by our own financial team, click here.

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