Lapiplasty 3D bunion Surgery is getting our patients back on their feet faster and safer. Our foot and ankle surgeons have perfomred hundreds of thousands of bunion surgeries for their patients. Bunions are the most common foot surgery. Our doctors are so excited to be able to offer a better option and get their patients back on their feet faster.

Treatment for Bunions:

Traditional bunion surgery can range for patients. A more severe bunion can require more work and longer recovery times. Also, the bunioin may have required a more invasive surgery. While we have always been able to get our patients back on their feet faster than most surgeons, we undsetand that it's often not quick enough to our patients who are striving to get back to their regular lifestyles. Surgery can have a huge impact on one's work, exercise, and even daily routines.

3D Lapiplasty- Less Invasive Bunion Surgery

3D Lapiplasty is a much less invasive bunion surgery that requires a much small incision. This surgery corrects the root of the problem and not just the effects of the bunion. Traditional bunion surgery corrects the bone deformity, while Lapiplasty corrects the cause for the bone to shift. 

This ground breaking technology allows patients to be weight bearing within days often times. It does not require a hard cast casting and allows patients to walk faster than traditional surgery.

If you have bunions that you need treated, our team are your bunion experts! Our doctors have treated bunions for over 30 years. Make an appointment to learn how our team treats this condition with the most up to date technology!

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