We are excited to share a new technology that quickly and painlessly eliminates the appearance of fungal nails. Keryflex is a topical treatment that makes disfigured, discolored, chipped or brittle nails look completely clear and healthy instantly. 

“Many people come into my office embarrassed by the look of their toenails, and until now treatment options were limited,” says Dr. Wishnie a podiatric surgeon and member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. “Keryflex gives a nail that has been affected by fungus or other damages the illusion of a natural, healthy nail,” he goes on to say, “while the Keryflex will mask the tarnished nail, it will also begin to move the fungus off of the nail as it grows.” 

The nail treated with Keryflex acts as an ordinary human nail as that it can be filed, polished, clipped, and washed. The Keryflex eliminates any embarrassment from the effected nail so that people can enjoy their summer days carefree. This procedure makes going barefoot or wearing open-toe shoes easy again without being uncomfortable about the appearance of a blemished nail.

This very affordable treatment option is available at either of Family Foot & Ankle Specialist’s office locations, and lasts only 15 minutes. “There is no recovery time; it is quick and painless, and affordable on any budget,” Dr Wishnie states.   All four of the practice’s doctors are trained to apply the Keryflex and will monitor the success of the fungus removal.  

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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