Orthotics are devices that are put in your shoes to help treat or prevent foot problems. They are designed to support the arch of the foot and to provide stability for the foot and ankle. Orthotics can treat many common foot problems such as flat feet, bunions, ankle instability, heel pain and more. Orthotics can also help to prevent these common problems.

Custom Orthotics Vs Lyncos- Shoe Inserts

There are a two types of orthotics- custom and prefabricated. Custom orthotics are molded to fit the exact shape, width and length of your foot. The are designed to provide the best support for the arch as well as keeping the foot in the correct biomechanical position. Prefabricated, or lynco orthotics, are generic orthotics that come in different shapes and sizes that will help to compliment your foot type. Although, they are not specifically designed to fit your foot, they are much better than going without any support and they can be more cost effective.

lyncos            lynco foot inserts

At Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, we have a financial team here to help answer all of your questions. Our office will check your insurance benefits to determine what your coverage provides and then will explain your plan to you. The important matter is that you get the support your foot needs. We have many treatment options available at our office, and we are happy to design a treatment plan to meet your health and financial needs.

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