At first glance, skin and toenail issues may not seem to be as concerning as other foot and ankle problems we treat at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists. After all, there isn’t the shooting pain that accompanies plantar fasciitis or the risk of amputation from a diabetic wound. If you look a little closer at this issue, though, you will find that something like toenail fungus can lower your quality of life.  

When you have a case of fungal toenails, you won’t want to wear sandals or go to the beach in the summer. If you normally enjoy swimming—either for fun or exercise (or both!)—you will likely opt to stay dry and keep the discolored, distorted nails covered in socks and shoes. This doesn’t have to be the case, though! 

Our team can provide treatment to eradicate the offensive fungus and restore your nails back to health. Even better, we are pleased to offer a full-service nail salon (Healthy Nails & Body Spa), so you can avoid contracting common skin and toenail fungus in the first place. 

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Fungal Toenails 

Knowing you have fungus growing anywhere on your body can make your skin crawl, but you are not alone. Fungal toenail infections are actually quite common. You can recognize the condition by toenails that are dull, darkened, discolored, crumbly, and distorted. 

Fungi are microorganisms that thrive in warm, damp places. When encased in socks and shoes, feet create exactly that kind of environment. You may not be aware of this, but your feet have hundreds of thousands sweat glands to keep the skin from becoming overly dry. Because of that, fungal infections are especially likely to develop in warmer temperatures (when feet produce more sweat). 

The good news about toenail fungus—yes, there’s good news!—is that the condition is treatable. That being said, it is important to address the problem at the earliest possible stage. The responsible fungus is stubborn and does not want to give up its new home. 

Fungal Toenail Treatment and Prevention 

Toenail fungus is treatable, but it’s always better to head off a condition instead of having to treat itHere are steps that you can take to help avoid it:  

  • Wash your feet thoroughly every day and dry them when they get wet. 
  • Avoid walking barefoot in gym locker rooms, shower areas, and public pools. Instead, wear shower shoes or sandals.  
  • Change your socks during the day if your feet sweat a lot.  
  • Do not share socks, shoes, or towels, especially with a friend or family member who has a fungal infection.  
  • Avoid going to traditional nail salons (the source of many fungal infections).

If preventative measures haven’t been enough, or you already developed a fungal infection before learning how to prevent it, then it is time to come in to our office for treatment.  

Your best move for getting rid of a fungal infection is to enlist the help of our professionals at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists. We are equipped to eradicate the fungus and restore your nails to their natural, healthy condition with the use of laser therapy. 

Our laser is virtually painless, highly effective, and only takes 30 minutes per session. The process may take up to three or four sessions for optimal effectiveness, but your toe will begin growing healthy nail tissue starting with your first session.  

It will take time for healthy nail tissue to grow in, so we are pleased to offer KeryFlex Restoration. This is a great option to pair with laser therapy, since it creates the appearance of a healthy, normal nail while your actual nail is restored back to health! 

Professional Fungal Toenail Treatment 

Be sure to contact Family Foot & Ankle Specialists as soon as you recognize the signs of a fungal toenail infectionThis condition is most easily treated in the early stages, so contact us today! Call our Piscataway, NJ office at (732) 968-3833 or our Hillsborough office at (908) 874-8030 for more information, or to request an appointment with the location that is more convenient for you.

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