Our doctors are pediatric foot specialists located in Piscataway and Hillsborough, NJ. The doctors treat all types of foot and ankle problems in children. Children can experience an array of foot and ankle problems including heel pain, achilles tendonitis, injuries, toenail problems and skin and bone problems. 

Experts in Foot and Ankle Care

Our doctors are experts in all areas of foot care. Podiatrists complete a 4 year undergraduate degree, a 4 year medical degree and residency. Some podiatrists go on to fellowships and other advanced training. Many podiatrists are surgeons who have exerience and expertise in foot and ankle surgery.

Diagnosing Pediatric Foot Problems

Our offices in Piscataway and Hillsborough have the tools to diagnose foot problems. Our offices have digital x-rays and ultrasound in the office. Our team is able to diagnose a child's foot problem so we can devise a treatment plan. The faster a diagnosis, the faster a treatment can begin.

Treatment for Pediatric Problems

Our offices in Piscataway and Hillsborough offer many different treatment options for pediatric problems. Our doctor's understand that keeping children off their feet is nearly impossible so our treatment options take that into account. We offer painless, minimally invasive treatment for most ediatric conditions. 

Warts Treatments- Our painless wart treatment is easy and effective! Our doctors lightly remove to layers of the wart and apply a strong salicylic acid. The patients (or parents) then apply strong salicylic acid patches to the wart. This treatment method is safe, painless, quick and highly effective. There is no cutting or digging out. Freezing or cutting methods can cause traumatic effects to the child and make walking painful, neither of which are good for a child. 

Flat Feet Treatments- We have options for treating flat feet including children's orthotics which slip easily into their shoes. The correct the biomechanical error oin the foot and force the foot into a proper position. In addition, we offer a minimally invasive PERMANENT solution which is nearly painless and highly effective.

Heel Pain Treatments- Our office uses conservative treatments including RICE methods, custom orthotics, and laser therapy. These treatments are very effective and painless.

Injury Treatments- Injuries are very common in children. Sports injuries are the second leading cause of ER visits among children. Our doctors can treat your child while you get to skip the trip to the ER. We offer immobility braces and casts, as well as, laser theray.

Our office understand treating pediatric foot problems requires skill, exerience and a gentle touch. Our team is committed to helping your child feel better while keeping them excited to come to the office. If your child is experiencing foot or ankle pain or had an injury, our team can help! Call our office in Piscataway and Hillsborough, NJ. 

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