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Family Foot & Ankle Specialists


Our Welcome RoomPlease have a seat in our Welcome Room, the doctor will be right with you!  While you're here feel free to browse our educational resources or sign up to get your FREE BOOKS written by your doctors.


Shoe Store


Check out our stylish and comfortable shoes. These shoes are not the ordinary corrective shoes, they are stylish, comfortable and safe.  All shapes, colors, and styles.  We have exactly what you're looking for whether your an avid runner or just finally want some comfortable shoes to go about your daily errands!

The Exam Room 

See it's not scary! You have nothing to worry about when you sit in one of our chairs, our doctors are caring, educated and very gentle.  Most importantly we have all the tools to get you healthy and painfree...FAST!

Below is the lab inside our office.  We will adjust your orthotics, whip up some medication and supply you with helpful, accredited lotions and creams...all from inside this laboratory.

The Lab

X-Ray Machine

The Digital X-Ray Machine.  This highly advanced instrument allows your doctor to see all the teeny, tiny bones in your foot.  With the digital x-rays, we are able to analyze and explain the image to you right inside the exam room!

Peter Wishnie, DPM

Thank you for visiting our website and checking out our office.  Please call us anytime to discuss how we can help you.  We want to see you painfree, active and healthy...don't let foot problems hold you back!

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