Poor circulation in your feet can be a very serious problem, especially if you are a diabetic. Poor circulation can cause your feet and ankles to lose feeling, make it harder to fight infections, and make heeling more difficult. Peripheral Vascular Disease and Peripheral Arterial Disease are common names for poor circulation.

poor circulation

What Does Poor Circulation Feel Like?

Poor circulation can cause your feet, ankles or lower legs to lose feeling. This is a dangerous situation because when you have lost feeling, you are more susceptible to injury. For example, something as simple as checking the bath water temperature with your foot can cause you to seriously burn your foot. In addition, putting on your shoes can be dangerous if you don't feel a sharp edge cut your foot and you leave it unattended.

Poor circulation can lead to very serious problems so it is important to know your risk for acquiring the disease. 

Determine your risk factor for poor circulation.

1. Smoking will greatly increase your risk.

2. Age is another, if you are over 50 years old, your chances have dramatically increased.

3. Race will effect your risk also. African Americans have a higher risk for poor circulation.

4. High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol will also increase your risk.

Prevent Complications from Poor Circulation

It is very important for the health of your feet that you understand your risk level for poor circulation. We highly encourage people to get tested for PAD in order to prevent serious complications.

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