We Want to Make Sure You are Fully Educated on Proper Foot Health

These articles will teach you all about common foot problems. We encourage patients to always consult a doctor before self-medicating, however, it is essential to understand your condition. 

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  • Athletic Foot Care Many athletes experience some sort of foot pain or foot problems such as heel pain, sprained ankles, shin splints and more. Proper shoes/shoe size and education are easy ways to prevent the most common athletic foot problems.
  • Foot and Ankle Injuries While Exercising Aerobic exercises will impact your feet and ankles greatly. Wearing the proper shoes, using the proper mats and stretching will all help to prevent an injury.
  • Jogging and Running Jogging and running are very common activities. You need to stretch you feet properly and get a very supportive shoe. Many beginners experience foot pain or problems.
  • Baseball Foot and Ankle Injuries If you don't properly prepare with stretches and exercise, you can seriously injure your feet or ankles. You need proper footwear, stretches and exercises.
  • Basketball Foot Injuries and Treatment Basketball causes intense stress to your feet. Proper footwear, exercises and stretches are essential to prevent injury. Many basketball players experience painful feet and ankles.
  • Cycling Foot Injuries and Treatment Cycling is a great way to exercise, however, you need to be prepared. You need proper footwear, exercises, and stretches in order to be able to safely cycle.
  • Tennis Foot Problems and Injuries Tennis is a great form of exercise. However, professional and beginner tennis players are prone to injuries of the foot and ankle. Proper stretching, education and shoes can help to prevent injury
  • Golf Foot Problems and Pain Golf is a great form of exercise, however, the intricate motion involved in the sport put a lot of pressure on your feet. In addition, faulty foot mechanics can affect your game. It is essential to wear proper footwear to get the most out of your game, all while playing your best.
  • Winter Sports & Footwear Winter sports can pose a lot of threats for your feet. Skiing, ice skating, hockey all of these activities put a lot of stress on your feet which is why it is so important to wear proper shoes.