Running is an incredible sport. You can do it almost anywhere, the equipment is cheap and for many people it helps to reduce stress. Runners are a rare breed also- through rain, snow, or hail there are always a few die hard runners doing what they love most- RUNNING! Just like any sport, however, you need to be educated in order to prevent injury and keep safe.


3 easy yet highly effective tips to keep you safe and healthy while you're running:

Get Proper Shoes

This may be the single most important part of your running career. Without proper shoes you are more likely to develop an injury. You need to have a good, supportive pair of shoes to protect your feet and keep them safe. Also, make sure they are the absolute correct size in order to prevent injury.

Learn Your Terrain

You need to be well educated about the area where you will be doing most of your running. The types of stretching and running shoes you will need and do will depend on the terrain. Whether you will be outside on trails, street running, or running on a treadmill all requires different preparations.

Stretch Every Time

Stretching is essential to staying pain free and injury free during your run. You MUST stretch before and after each run. This will help your muscles get warmed up for the activity ahead and will allow your muscles to cool down after.

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