Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in Hillsborough and Piscataway, New Jersey has opened their own nail and body salon to help fight common foot fungus.  The spa, Healthy Nails & Body Spa is located inside the Piscataway office and offers lush amenities at affordable prices.  Dr. Peter Wishnie, President of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, guarantees this spa to be the safest in area.

“We were treating patients for fungus nails and sending them on their way, only to find they went to get a pedicure and now have another fungus,” says Dr. Wishnie.  “We want to cure their fungus and warts, we don’t want to have to continually retreat just because someone wanted to get their nails done.”  The doctors of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists are experienced treating many different foot conditions such as warts, fungus, sports injuries and diabetic feet.

The Healthy Nail & Body Spa offers manicure, pedicures and waxing for him and her.  “The difference of our salon is the extra precautions we take to keep each and every client safe and healthy,” states Dr. Wishnie.  This spa uses an autoclave to sterilize all of its instruments, just as surgeons do to their tools to ensure zero bacteria.   Family Foot & Ankle Specialists went as far as to obtain the safest and most sanitary spa chair available.  No matter how much product or water is splashed into the tiny grooves of this chair, you will not be exposed to any bacteria or fungus.

This affordable, Healthy Nail & Body Spa is conveniently located right inside of Family Foot & Ankle’s Piscataway office location.  Their licensed and 25 year experienced nail technician is available for appointments.  “The great part about our salon is that people can stop over for a quick “On-The-Run Manicure” or eyebrow wax on their lunch,” states Felicia, nail technician.  Call (732) 968-3833 to learn more about their completely sanitary nail and body salon.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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