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Getting the Best Tennis Shoe

Experts advise that if you plan to play tennis, buy shoes designed specially for the sport. Running shoes, for example, are not designed to allow for the side-to side sliding common in tennis. Running shoes have too much traction and may cause injury to the foot and ankle. In addition, running shoes don't have padded toe boxes, which leads to toe injuries for tennis players.

The Difference in Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes should provide good arch support, a reinforced toe, a roomy toe-box and a comfortable collar in the back of the shoe. If the collar is too high, it rubs against the Achilles' tendon, a problem frequently experienced by tennis players.

Heels in tennis shoes should be snug-fitting to prevent slipping from side to side, and both heel and toe areas should have adequate cushioning. The arch should provide both soft support, and the toe box should have adequate depth to prevent toenail injuries. Our practice can recommend a shoe that is best for your foot.

Tips to Shopping for Tennis Shoes

When shopping for tennis shoes, try on several pairs with tennis socks. Put on and lace both shoes and walk around for a minute or two. Make sure your ankles don't roll in the shoes.

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