Follow these basic tips for a safe and healthy trip to the nail salon.

1. Schedule your pedicure first thing in the morning. This is when the salon is the most cleanest and the risk of picking up fungus or bacteria is lowest.

2. Make sure that your technician clips your nails straight across and uses and emery board to smooth them out. By digging into the sides of nails, the risk of ingrown nails increases.

3. After soaking the feet, make sure that the spaces in between the toes are dry. This area is a hotbed for fungus and moisture will only encourage it to grow and spread.

4. Resist the urge to have your cuticles pushed back. This procedure needlessly exposes the nail root to the outside world.

5. If you need your calluses and corns trimmed, make sure that the technician uses a pumice stone or emory board and not a razor or other sharp instrument. The last thing you need is a cut in the skin.

 If you are worried about your feet after your last visit to a local nail salon, call our office (732) 968-3833 or (908) 874-8030.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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