Our toenail fungus specialists can make your toenails look clear and healthy in one visit. Toenail fungus can cause your toenails to become chipped, brittle, discolored even brittle. Our doctors have treatments that will fit every person's lifestyle and goals.Toenail fungus can be stubborn and will not just go away on it's own. Without treatment, your toenail fungus can spread to other toenails.

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Causes of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is caused from a from a few fungus organisms. It will cause the toenails to become yellow, brittle, and chipped. For some it can even become painful. Toenail fungus thrives in warm, dark and moist environments so it is common to get nail fungus at public swimming pools, gyms, and locker rooms. Anywhere multiple people will be walking around barefoot, the higher your chances are. 

Treatment for Toenail Fungus

Our office offer three main treatment for nail fungus. Each has it's own pros and cons. Your treatment plan will depend on your lifestyle and goals. If you have toenail fungus, getting treated sooner than later is best. Toenail fungus can spread to other toenails and can even sprewad to other people in your home as well as other people you come into contact with. 

Also, getting treated early can help make your treatment easier and faster. Toenail fungus can be a stubborn ailment and treating it can be frustrating. Some treatment options can take longer than others, while some can give you immediate results. 


Terbinafine, the main ingredient in Lamisil can be used to treat nail fungus. Lamisil is the most traditional treatment for patients. Lamisil can be very effective. However, the treatment time can be longer than other treatments. Usually patients will need to take Lamisil for an average of 6-9 months. In addition, Lamisil can have negative effects on the liver and those with liver problems should not take this medication. Your doctor will likely advise you to have liver tests to ensure the medication does not effect your liver.


Topical treatment can include paint on solutions or creams. These treatment options can be effective, but can also take a longer eriod of time. Unfortunately, these are not as aggressive as other treatment options as they need to penetrate the nail in order to sufficiently treat the complete toenail. Toenails, especially those with toenail fungus can be thick, making treatment even harder. 

Laser and Keryflex

Laser and Keryflex can be a very effective treatment option and the only treatment option that gives you immediate results. The laser uses a cool touch wave length that can painlessly penetrate the toenail and reach the fungus throughout. The Keryflex is applied after to give the toenail an immediately clear and healthy appearance. These toenails can also be treated as natural nails so they can be clipped, painted and even get pedicures.

Make An Appointment

If your toenails are chipped, brittle, discolored or brittle, call our office to set up an appointment. Our team are the toenail fungus experts. We will devise the best treatment plan for your lifestyle and goals so we can get rid of your toenails one and for all. Yes, it's possible! Call our office to set up your appointment today!


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