If you suffer from nail fungus, then keryflex is a treatment option that you may need. We offer keryflex treatment in both locations so don’t hesitate to call us with questions or to book an appointment! 

What is KeryFlex?

KeryFlex is a nail restoration that is painless, it is a great option for those who get a little anxious about pain. This can be applied to you in office, the application aims to restore the appearance of your natural nails. We know how self conscious nail fungus can make someone, so this is perfect to help you feel comfortable. With KeryFlex, your damaged nail will be remodeled from the fungus and any defects that may have happened due to nail fungus. KeryFlex can give you a natural looking nail immediately after application. This improves your natural nail because the composite resin creates a flexible, durable, non-porous nail which permits the remaining nail you have to grow. You may still wear nail polish and use acetone, so do not worry about that. 

Why Should I use Kery flex? 

KeryFlex is perfect for people with damaged toenails who want another option, a painless one. This is immediate so upon application from a medical provider, you will see significant cosmetic enhancement. It is natural looking and feels it too, which saves you from not feeling confident in your own feet. Unlike going to the nail salon and getting an acrylic nail to cover your own, keryflex allows flexibility for your natural nail to be restored while also being compatible with human tissue. Meaning, it will not irritate your natural nail or cause any further damage to it. Because it is applied in a sanitary setting of a podiatrist, you do not need to worry about further infecting your nails because everything is properly sterilized. 


How Does The Application Process Work?

If you have decided that KeryFlex is right for you then your damaged nail is trimmed and filed down as much as it needs. This is usually done with a nail clipper or electronic file. Once that prep work is done, it is time to go in. The way KeryFlex is applied is similar to how a dentist bonds a tooth, the resin material is applied and then hardened with a special light, which bonds the material to your natural nail which will restore or improve nail appearance. Once it is on your nail, your podiatrist will smooth and shape the nail so that it appears natural. This can be done in a single visit and can be reapplied.  Usually this is done a couple times, which is why we offer an amazing keryflex package

KeryFlex After Care Recommendations

Do not cut or clip the KeryFlex nail, use only a nail file at the tips of the nail.

Wash white socks with cold water and bleach. Warm water promotes bacteria/fungal growth.

If there is only 10% to 15% of natural nail left behind on nail bed you must return in 3 to 4 weeks to have new KeryFlex application. Lifting will occur.

Much like a natural toenail, the cracking or chipping of the KeryFlex nail occurs 2 or 3 weeks after initial application and is considered normal wear and tear. This is due to shoes rubbing, stubbing of toe, and growth of natural nail.

If the KeryFlex is going to pop off, it will typically occur within the first 3 days after the application.

If there is NO natural nail present, KeryFlex will NOT fully adhere to the nail bed. KerFlex can be applied, but with NO guarantees it will last at all. Maybe a great option for short term needs: party or vacation.

Spray shoes with antifungal sprays daily. Follow directions.

Return appointment should be 4 to 8 weeks for NEW application of Keryflex. Each patient is unique and depends on how fast your nails grow.

If you are a runner or go to the gym daily, let your podiatrist know.

Who Should Avoid KeryFlex?

KeryFlex Nail Restoration is not for those who have peripheral vascular disease arterial insufficiency, peripheral neuropathy, suspicious pigmented lesions on the nail or in-grown toenails. It should be avoided in patients who are pregnant, nursing or known to be sensitive or allergic to any of its ingredients. 

Robert Kosofsky, D.P.M.
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