Foot neuropathy is always a possibility for those suffering from diabetes or those who have experienced some form of trauma that somehow affects the nerve cells. Neuropathy in the feet can be differentiated by feeling of numbness, tingling or needle like sensation pricking the underside of the foot. Neuropathy in the feet can make walking barefoot or any form of walking for that matter a challenge. A loss of balance can be had as well as a loss of muscle coordination with some severe cases of foot neuropathy.

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Diabetes is a Major Cause of Neuropathy, But Not the Only

Though diabetes is the most common denominator for foot neuropathy other influences such as alcohol and HIV can also contribute to foot neuropathy.  When the disease has progressed to the point of interrupting daily living help is needed and treatment should be sought. The ideal time to seek medical help for foot neuropathy is at the moment when you first begin to feel neuropathic symptoms such as intense burning in the feet or numbness.

Treatment for Neuropathy

Treatment does not always reverse the effects of neuropathy but treatment can and will help relieve the symptoms and pain that comes with having foot neuropathy. Medication: Over the counter medication such as aspirin and Ibuprofen can help relieve the pain temporarily. Other prescriptions could be topical creams that are applied when needed.

Diet and Proper Nutrition:

Healthy eating habits can drastically improve the underline issue and help correct or minimize the effects that neuropathy is having on your body. Thirdly alternative treatment options such as massage and physical therapy are two wonderful methods that can help relieve the pain. The fourth treatment option is vitamins and natural supplements. B1 (Benfotiamine), B12 (Methylcobalamine) and Alpha-lipoic acid have all been clinically proven to help reduce or eliminate the signs of neuropathy.

MicroVas is Painless & Effective

Lastly, our office has a painless, effective treatment available called MicroVas Therapy. This treatment has proven successful in relieving pain and improving feeling. Our patients have gone from braces and walkers to being able to walk again. It is completely pain free and is done right in the office. MicroVas provides electrical stimulation which increases blood flow.

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