Bringing in old shoes when you're buying new ones can be helpful if you have a knowledgeable salesperson or better yet, a Certified Pedorthist. She can evaluate the wear patterns to help you get a better fit as well as a style that will compensate for the stresses you place on shoes.

What are your shoes trying to tell you? Here are the basic wear patterns:

  • A bulge and wear to the side of the big toe: A too-narrow fit or you have a bunion.
  • Outer sole wear: You turn out. Orthotics may help.
  • Toe shaped ridges on the upper: Shoes are too small or you have hammertoes.
  • Wear on the ball of the foot: Your heel tendons may be too tight. Stretch with heel raises.
  • Wear on the inner sole: You pronate or turn in. Inner liners or orthotic supports may help.
  • Wear on the upper, above the toes: The front of your shoe is too low.

​If you're experiencing foot or ankle pain, you need to take a look at your shoes. Your shoes can either prevent the most common foot pain and injuries. Your shoes carry you throughout the day! They support all your weight and protect your feet from all the places you go. Without a proper fitting and quality pair, you could be susceptible to serious pain and problems.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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