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Are You A Runner? 

Whether you are in the beginning of your running journey or an advanced runner, the one key element in running is your shoes! Footwear is essential to a runner because it has to give you the support that your feet needs in order to keep you active! Having the proper footwear for running can save you from injuries, provide you comfort, and keep you going for longer. Running is important to our mental health and physical health because of the many benefits that it can provide us. Cardio is great for weight loss, keeping a healthy heart, and keeping your body active. It can provide you mental clarity, proven to help your focus, and even help with your sleeping patterns. However, running can become especially complicated if you are experiencing pain in your feet.. if you are feeling too much pain in your feet then you will have trouble running, jogging, and even walking. You should not have to pick between doing something you love and feeling no pain, so getting to the bottom of your pain is the most important step but educating yourself on how to purchase the right pair for your feet is a close second. The right pair of running shoes for you should fit right from the start! It should feel comofortable and there should be no need to "break them in."

What Type Of Feet You May Have..

Finding the right shoe may seem stressful..where do you start? Well, we have got you covered here so try not to worry too much. First, you must figure out your foot type so that you are able to pick a shoe that is a perfect match. Yes.. we all have a foot type and if you are having trouble with your foot then you definetly have one of these foot types. Your foot type can be one of these three, high arches, flat feet, or neutral feet.


High Arches

If you have high arches you can be more prone to ankle sprains, torn ligaments, and out-knee pain. This happens because high arches cause feet to roll outward as they move.For those who have issues with high arches, sneakers that have extra cushioning to aid in  shock absorption is essential. Because this type of foot doesn't provide enough shock absorption on its own, wearing shoes that have soft and flexible midsoles are perfect for you. Make sure your shoe allows your toes to move freely because it will minimize the discomfort in your arch and add stability! 


Flat Feet

If you have flat feet then your feet most likely collapses inward as you run, this can cause issues for your legs, knee, hips, and spine. Flat feet are associated with shin splints, bunions, achilles tendonitis, and plantar fascitis.If you have flat feet, a pair of high stability sneakers will help your feet better because it helps keep your feet aligned with your legs. So, shoes that have a dense, supportive arch, will provide reinforcement and keep the arch of the foot from collapsing.


Neutral Feet

You may have a neutral foot type which is the most stable of the three. So injuries are less common, but it is still important to get shoes that accomadate your neutral feet! For those that are lucky enough to have a neutral foot type, a shoe that is lightweight and bends at the ball of the foot works great to keep you cushioned and supported while you run!


And, remember.. foot pain is NOT normal so if it that pain has not gone away in a couple of days you should seek medical help. We are always here for you so call to make an appointment, we will take care of that foot pain fast!

Brad Schaeffer, D.P.M.
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