Spreading Awareness 

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and this year there is a focus on how to prevent diabetes in your life. About one in five people in the United States have diabetes and don’t even know it! That is why this is an important conversation to have in order to prevent it, treat it, and be aware of it. Diabetes can put people at higher risk for more serious conditions of COVID-19, it's time to educate ourselves about this disease and we will be guiding you through it all November! 


What is Diabetes? 

Diabetes mellitus (diabetes for short)  is a group of metabolic disorders that can cause your blood sugar levels to be higher than it should be and prevent your body from properly utilizing the energy from food and beverages that you consume. The major types of diabetes are; Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational. 


What can I do?

It’s important to educate yourself on Diabetes so that you know ways to prevent it and/or treat it. Learning how to detect it is essential in the journey of education so that you can watch out for symptoms and recognize them in yourself. Managing the way you eat is crucial when dealing with diabetes, we will be sharing great recipes to prevent diabetes and to manage it. Getting active is a must, whether you go on walks, workout at home, or go to a gym, make sure you get moving! 


If you find yourself wanting to help with diabetes awareness some you can: 

Donate to research centers 

Join walking/running marathons 

Attend conferences about diabetes 

Talk about it! Help end the stigma 

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