Posted on Mar 11, 2014

Up To 30% Off A New Pair of Shoes!

Get up to 30% off a new pair of shoes when you donate a pair to our shoe drive!

Family Foot & Ankle Specialists is hosting their annual shoe drive at their Piscataway and Hillsborough office locations. Each year the office collects hundreds of shoes for those in need. Shoes are so important for the health of your entire body! If your feet are in pain, your whole body hurts. Family Foot & Ankle Specialists wants to help those in need get into a gently, used pair of shoes so they can start stepping in the right direction!

Everyone who donates will get 30% off a new pair of in stock shoes!

Don't love what we have in stock....

No problem, we'll give you 20% off any new pair of shoes we order!



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