Posted on Aug 23, 2012

Did you know 6 out of every 10 teens complains of foot pain? Most of this pain can be linked to the types of shoes they're wearing. Most teens are so focused on wearing the "cool, popular" shoes that they completely ignore comfort. This can mean high heels or unsupportive flats for girls...even "fibbing" about their shoe size!

choosing shoes for teenagers

Preventing Foot Pain in Teenagers

It's important to consider the types of activities your child will be involved in such as sports. Although, most children will need a supportive, properly fit athletic shoe or sneaker- at least for gym class. In addition, you should always take your child to a shoe store that ALWAYS measures the feet before trying to pick shoes and really knows how to read the measurements.

Choosing the Best Shoes For Your Teen

Furthermore, your child will have to understand (maybe some prepping in the car on the way to the store) that some shoes, even the "coolest" may not work out for their feet. If the shoes are narrow by design....they are not, no matter what, going to fit your child's wide feet.

One of the best ways to prevent meltdowns at a store, save your child's feet, AND save you money (from costly foot problems caused by improperly fitting shoes) is to have some clear cut discussions before you even get to the store. Children often don't want to be rational when it comes to fashion and fitting in, that's where the parent come in...aka you!

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