Diabetic Neuropathy Can Effect Your Feet

Posted on Jun 07, 2010

This article describes a very common condition that effects many diabetics called Diabetic Neuropathy.  Diabetic Neuropathy causes a loss of sensation in the feet.  Poor blood circulation happens when the arteries harden from smoking, high blood pressure, high fat levels in the blood, and high blood sugar.  The poor circulation then causes pain while sleeping, walking, and cold feet.  Once the feet lose the nerves which relays to the brain of any sensations in the foot, the real trouble has begun. 

Having nerve damage is very dangerous, for instance, you may have a cut on the bottom of your foot, a rock pressing hard on your foot, or a sharp edge on your shoe or sock that is causing serious damage.  Without the nerves to tell your brain that there is danger in the foot area, you will never know and go on injuring yourself, sometimes to the point that the damage is irreversible.


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