Posted on Sep 12, 2013

fashion week shoes

As the last day of Mercedes-Benz fashion week kicks off many people have a list of "must have" items for the Fall. While it seems each season brings a flood of new fashion trends, something always stays the same...the shoes. Of course there are new styles, colors, and materials, one trait remains painfully the same, the height. Towering stilettos, chunky wedges, and now even the lifted sneaker. 

High heels have always been a fashion staple. In the past we have even seen high heeled boots, now high wedge sneakers! And it's no wonder women love anything on their feet that will give them height. The pressure from heels force your body into an abnormal position, which forces the hips out thus making you look taller, leaner and even appear 'sexier". However, this added stress to the feet can cause serious painful foot problems.

High heels force the body to put all of it's wieght and pressure onto the forefoot which was not at all designed to handle this pressure. Also, many high heeled shoes tend to have pointy or narrow toe boxes which can lead to a slew of problems including bunions, hammertoes, ingrowns, nail fungus....none of which is sexy. 

Next time you look at the gorgeous model in a 5 inch stiletto strutting down the runway, remind yourself of two things-

1. she is ony wearing them that gracefully for maybe 10 minutes

 2. the aftermath of that sexy, towering shoe is not at all sexy. You may look good with the shoe on (if you can manage to walk in them) but your feet will not look sexy with blisters, calluses, and bone deformities!

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