Posted on May 12, 2015

Worried About What Could Happen With All Your Extra or Unwanted Medications?

What happens to all your extra or unwanted medications? Are they still sitting in your medicine closet? Do you keep track of how many you have left? Do you count them periodically? Probably not. With the prescription overdose epidemic hitting the country, many people are looking for a way to safely dispose of their extra or unwanted medications.

We have a great new tool available in our office, the Pill Terminator. The Pill Terminator is a great way to safely dispose of medication so that it does not land in the hands of your children or grandchildren. The Pill Terminator also helps to safely dispose of medication so that it doesn't effect the environment.

Most people grudgingly admit that they either throw away pills in their garbage can or flush them down the toilet. Not only are these methods terrible for the environment, even more scary, they can end up in the wrong hands and cause a serious overdose or even death in a child.

The Pill Terminator can hold up to 300 pills! All you do is dump your pills, add water, and shake! The pills are reduced to foul smelling liquid. The chances of someone drinking the liquid are slim to none with the terrible odor and color. Then you can safely recycle the bottle! it's easy, affordable, and helps to give you the peace of mind tha no one  will be rummaging through your medicine cabinets!

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