Foot Pain Increases with Spring Activities

Posted on Jan 05, 2011

Starting a Spring exercise plan can cause a slew of foot problems. When people are beginning their get fit plan for the summer, they often go too hard too fast and end up with an injury. Here are a few tips to keeping you safe and pain free while getting fit!

There are some key elements you need to take into account. For example, you need to wear proper shoes, you need to stretch, and you need to be doing the exercise correctly...and you need to STOP at the first indication of pain.

Just like the rest of your body, your feet, ankles, and calves need to be stretched, especially if you haven't exercised in a while. Also, you need good, supportive shoes designed for the activity you're doing. For example, if you are going to be running- you need running shoes! Walking, you need walking shoes and so on. Furthermore, you need to fully understand the exercises before you start flailing around!

Be sure to take precautionary measures before you fall victim to an injury. Be sure you are wearing the correct shoe and shoe size, stretch, and fully understand the exercises you are going to be doing.

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