Posted on Jul 26, 2013

Foot pain is very common in pregnant women. Pregnant women gain weight rapidly in a short amount of time while pregnant, which can cause a lot of strain to their bodies, namely their feet. In addition, their bodies secrete a hormone called relaxin which loosens the ligaments preparing the body for birth. This can also loosen the ligaments in your feet.

pregnancy and foot pain


All of these factors can contribute to fallen arches, flat feet, and heel pain. Furthermore, the extra fluid flowing through a pregnant woman's body can cause their feet to be swollen. Even with all this going on, many women will still stuff their feet into their non-pregnant shoes which will just cause more and more problems. 

Blisters, hammertoes, and heel pain can all be caused or become worse from wearing shoes that don't fit properly. Women are encouraged to wear shoes with support to help prevent plantar fasciitis, but avoid wearing shoes that are just too big that they will be flopping around on the back of your heels. 

In many cases, the foot pain women experience while pregnant, will end once the pregnancy ends. Once the pregnancy ends, and the body begins to return to normal, foot pain will end as well. However, some of the problems caused by the pregnancy, such as neuromas, stress fractures, and plantar fasciitis may need professional treatment by a podiatrist.

If you are continuing to suffer from foot pain and are no longer pregnant, call our office to set up your free exam.

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