Posted on Aug 04, 2010

It's no secret women love high heels. It's no secret the higher the heel, the higher the status. Unfortunately, women are giving into fashion rules over their own flesh and blood...their feet! Wearing high heels, especially all the time, can cause serious problems for your feet. These problems, if not treated, can become very painful, even very permanent.

high heels and foot pain

High Heels Hurt Your Calf

Studies have shown wearing high heels can weaken your calf muscle. Wearing heels consistently will train the calf muscle to be in a position where it is closer to the knee. Over time this will cause the muscle to be in this position which will actually make it uncomfortable to wear flat shoes. Also, it increases instability in the ankle which can lead to more ankle sprains. Of course this leads to serious trauma for the feet. For one, the high heels push the foot down into the cramped area of the shoe box which will begin to harm your toenails. It has a huge affect on all of your tendons in the calf and foot.

High Heels, Less Pain

To prevent such serious complications, simple steps such as trying the shoes on before purchasing them will help. You may think the shoe is not that high until you actually try to walk in them. If you have already purchased the shoe, you are more likely to make your foot suffer just to show them off.

1. Wear heels as little as possible On your way to work, at lunch, on your way home, switch to flats.

2. Keep the height of your heel to 2-3 inches.

3. Invest in dress orthotics to help stabilize your foot while wearing heels.

4. Buy your heels at a reputable store where you are fitted for your shoes every time.

5. Wear your heels within the house for a few days to get a real feel for the shoes before taking them outside.

You do not have to give up your heels, you just need an equal balance. Make sure you are not forcing your feet into shoes that do not actually fit. Taking the time to get fitted, try them on and wearing them in the house for a days will help to make sure the shoes actually fit. Then wear them in moderation.

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