Posted on Mar 07, 2014
Many seniors suffer serious, preventable falls. When a senior falls, the aftermath can be much more serious than for someone younger. Did you know most senior falls happen in their home? Once a senior falls in their home, they are often hospitilized and never return to live independently. These falls can help to be prevented with a stabilizing brace.

Our braces can help to prevent serious falls and help seniors keep their independence. Braces are used to put the foot and ankle back ino their natural position for walking. As we age, our feet and ankles become weaker and often do not align in their natural position. These braces will help to correct these issues and force people to walk in a more natural state, which will prevent falls.

Don't wait for a serious fall to happen. If you are worried about how your loved one is walking, bring them into the office for a free gait analysis.

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Robert Kosofsky, D.P.M.
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