Posted on Jan 20, 2020

'My Feet Are Killing Me' Star, Dr. Brad Schaeffer, Uses MLS Laser Therapy to Treat Heel Pain

Dr. Brad Schaeffer, star on TLC's new show, 'My Feet Are Killing Me' uses MLS laser therapy to treat heel pain in patients. Over 2 million people are treated for heel pain every year. Even children suffer with heel pain. Heel pain can impact your life from work, hobbies even health. Treating your heel pain can help you feel better and have a better quality of life.

my feet are killing dr. brad schaeffer and dr. peter wishnie

Heel Pain Causes

Heel pain can be caused by a number of factors. An increase in activity, a recent weight gain, doing too much too fast can all lead to heel pain. Heel pain is usually caused by a condition caused plantar fasciitis. This is when there is inflammation of the band that connects the heel to the toes. It can feel like a stabbing in the bottom of the foot or a dull ache like a bruise. it is usually worse in the morning.

Treating Heel Pain

Heel pain can be treated many ways. Our doctors, Peter Wishnie, Denise Bonnin, Brad Schaeffer, and Robert Kosofsky, will customize a treatment plan based on the patients goals and history. Some people have suffered with heel pain for years and have tried many options. They are tired of living in pain and just want it gone. In these cases, the doctors may suggest surgery.

In most other cases, our doctors will start with conservative treatment plans. Stretching, braces/strappings and laser therapy are some conservative and effective treatment options. Our patients have been able to eliminate their pain and resume their lifestyles with one or a combination of these treatments.

MLS Laser Therapy Treats Heel Pain

MLS laser therapy uses light to reduce pain and inflammation. The laser is painless and does not require any down time. The doctors of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists use the laser right in the office.

The laser is set up and moves in motion over the affected area. It increases blood and oxygen to the injured or pained area so the body can begin healing itself. This treatment is a great option for patients who don't have time for a lengthy surgical recovery or for those who don't want to take possibly addicting medications. This is a natural, painless and effective treatment option.

Make An Appointment for Laser Therapy

Make an appointment with any of our expert doctors. Our doctors are here to help end your foot or ankle pain. We will make a treatment option that fits with your lifestyle and goals. Call our office to make an appointment today (732) 968-3833.

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