Posted on Jan 30, 2020

Dr. Brad Schaeffer Treats Pediatric Podiatry Problems

Children can experience many foot and ankle problems Children can experience pain, same as adults. Heel pain and Achilles tendonitits are common in children. Children are very active and often involved with sports. This can lead to a number of foot and ankle injuries. Children are resilient and usually heal faster than adults, but getting them to sit still enough to heal can be the biggest challenge.

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Is It Growing Pains or More

Some doctors tend to brush of foot pain in children, They assure parents that the child will outgrow the pain. However, this is rarely true. Most foot problems in adults could have been resolved if treated in childhood. Children can experience many of the same injuries and pains as we can. Heel pain in children is common, ankle sprains, and arch pain are just some of the problems children experience. 

Treating Children's Foot Pain

The doctors of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, including Dr. Brad Schaeffer, believes that is a child is complaining about foot or ankle pain, begins to sit out of their favorite sports, asks to be carried- should see a doctor. It is much easier to correct a foot problem in a child early. Children can have a more difficult time expressing their pain so you should take them serious every time.

Family Foot & Ankle Specialists Treats Children Without Pain

Many of the treatments our doctors offer are completely painless. Our office has digital x-rays and ultrasound on site so our team can quickly and accurately diagnose the foot problem. Nest, our team will devise the best treatment plan based on the child's lifestyle if they are an active athlete, the doctors may determine a more aggressive approach. 

If your child is complaining about pain, is walking "funny" or is sitting out of their favorite sports or activities, you should have them seen by a doctor. Foot problems rarely resolve on their own. If a foot problem in a child is addressed early, it can save so much pain and recovery times for children. Call our office to set up an appointment today (732) 968-3833 or (908) 874-8030.

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