National Running Day 2014

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Posted on Jun 04, 2014


June 4



Today is National Running Day!


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Why Do You Run?

Today is National Running Day 2014 and so we must ask all you dedicated individuals....why do you keep doing what you do? You wake up early in the rain or shine, tip toe out of the house, making sure not to wake any of the kids,  just to get your fix. So why do you do it?


We've heard everything from to stay in shape, get in shape, clear my mind, get some alone time, to think things over. But the best reason yet- so I can drink beer!


Here's to all the dedicated runners who tramps out in the cold, the rain, the hot and humid to do what it is you love, for whatever reason that drives you!


What To Look For In A Running Shoe?

  • Choose a running shoe based on the environment you will be running in- street, treadmill, trails
  • Get your foot measured by a PROFESSIONAL- no, not the 16 year old working at your local shoes store- a PROFESSIONAL
  • Have your stride evaluated. How do your feet hit the ground and where
  • Are you a pronator vs overpronator? You will want to be checked again by a PROFESSIONAL
  • Material can vary a lot. Do you want a shoe that is light and airy? Mesh shoes may be more your scene rather than something more concealing

Running with an Injury:

Running with an injury is the worst mistake you can make. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong and needs to be addressed. If your having foot or ankle pain, stop! Not forever, just until you are seen by a doctor.

Dr. Wishnie, an avid runner, understands how important running is to a runner. The last thing any runner wants to do is stop. However, running with an injury can cause more damage to the area and cause you to be out of commission even longer. If you have pain, you should stop running and be seen by a doctor so you can get back to running as soon as possible!

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