Posted on Mar 31, 2011

Family Foot & Ankle Specialists is now offering a new payment plan for their patients. Care Credit is regarded as a medical credit card that can be used at any medical office that accepts it. It is an interest free "loan" that is given to a person to pay for medical expenses. Often people will use Care Credit for medical procedures that are not covered by insurance, but can also be used it for co-pays, deductibles, products and just about everything else. 

care credit payment plan

How Does It Work?

How it works is one of our financial advisors will work the patient to apply for a set amount of money. Just like a credit card, a person's amount and availability will depend on their credit score and other factors. Between the financial advisor and the patient, a time frame will be set for re-payment, usually six or twelve months interest free. Within seconds there is an answer and the money is available.

What Can I Use Care Credit For?

The Care Credit card is great to use for large medical expenses not covered by insurance or a person's individual insurance such as orthotics or laser therapy, but can just as easily be used for co-pays or deductibles. Even products such as shoes, gels, pads, or socks can be paid for using the Care Credit card. If you are interested in applying for the Care Credit card through our office ask to speak with one of our financial advisors at your next appointment. 

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