Posted on Sep 20, 2011

Sadlly, people lose their feet for many reasons. Diabtetic complications, diabetic neuropathy, and accidents are common reasons people either lose their feet or need to have them amputated. It's hard to imagine life without a limb, yet many people do not realize the effects until it's too late. Podiatrists warn that diseases such as diabetes can often result in amputations. However, traumatic injuries can suddenly cause an emergency amputation as well.

A man in Boron has learned having a foot or lower limb amputated is really a life changing experience. Eric Pierce of Boron, California was involved in a construction accident four years ago causing his leg to be amputated below the knee. After years of suffering with an artificial foot, he recently received a state of the art bionic foot.

The loss of his limb caused Pierce to suffer from exhaustion from carrying around the fake foot, depression from dealing with the loss of a limb and dealing with the difficult task of trying to move around. Pierce is now happily enjoying his bionic foot with it's wide range of motion. The painless bionic foot allows Pierce to tackle the tasks of everyday life.

Many people do not realize that living a life after a foot amputation can be extremely difficult. Diabetics are at a huge risk for amputations which is why podiatrists suggest visiting a podiatrist at least every six months and more frequently if a problem occurs.



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