Posted on Nov 15, 2010

Many women do not realize, but pregnancy can influence your feet in positive or negative ways. Due to weaker bones, not supportive shoes, and genetics, women face serious complications. Even through all the pain, women want to look good, fit in with style, and wear only the most adorable shoes.

pregnant women and fashion footwear

There are many ways to avoid excruciating pain without sacrificing style. For example, if you must wear high heels, always pack a back up pair of sneakers.  Switch out the painful heels when you are walking most like during lunch, walking through the parking lot, or running errands after work.  Also, wearing the appropriate shoes for the activity you're involved in, like grocery shopping- you do not need to grocery shop with 3 inch heels on!

In addition the added baby weight can put your feet under a lot of pressure, even causing them to swell. Do not try to cramp them into tiny shoes or throw on any old pair of flip flops. Your feet need extra support during this time, which is why it's so important to visit a podiatrist. Orthotics, or other inserts can help to stabilize the foot and reduce pressure.

In addition weight, genetics, and stretching also help to reduce pain. Prevention is key to eliminating pain even before it happens. Be sure to have your feet checked by a podiatrist, wear the proper shoes, alternate shoes, maintain a healthy weight. To read more, click here.

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