Posted on Jan 24, 2019


Refer a Friend & Get a Complimentary Pedicure


Share the love by referring a friend or family member who lives in pain, limits their activities based on their foot problems or worries about their feet or ankles to come get better! Share the love by helping a loved one get of of pain and back to their life!



  Our Office Services all

  Foot and Ankle Problems Including:

  Sports injuries

  Children's foot care

  Skin and nail problems

  Bunions, hammertoes and other bone problems

  Heel pain

  Diabetic foot care




 No More Excuses


 Our office accepts most insurances and has convenient early morning, evening,     and weekend appointments. 


Send that friend or family member who always needs an appointment but never makes the appointment. As long as they make their appointment in February, you BOTH get a complimentary pedicure for sharing the love!

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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