Posted on Nov 08, 2013

There is a lot of controversy surrounding barefoot running. Most would assume that a podiatrist would be completely against the idea. However, we do understand what people are willing to endure to stay on their feet! There are many risks involved with barefoot running, and it's definitely not something an amateur should try. This article describes people who take barefoot running to the next level.

Imagine walking outside, without shoes or socks and onto the fresh, white imagine being out in that snow for hours! Seems impossible, right? Well, some avid barefoot runners have started an interest in barefoot running, no matter the weather. These people are running marathons in icy cold, even frigid temperature. These avid runners testify their love for the sport far outweighs the risks involved.

Risks of Barefoot Running

Some of the risks involved are seemingly obvious...frostbite, hypothermia, amputations? While these are very real risks, that's just the beginning- nerve damage, serious injuries, sliced toes, these are also just some of the risks. Running barefoot can cause serious injuries to your feet. The main concern for most are the environmental factors. If you're running on roads, you could step on glass, screws, nails. Furthermore, dirt paths or pavement can also have rocks, sharp sticks, or glass.

Stay Active and Safe

While we're not necessarily fans of barefoot running, we do understand the need to stay active! At Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, we do everything we can to keep you doing what you love, you will rarely ever hear us advising you to "slow down" ir "stop". We have the tools to get you better while being able to keep up with your lifestyle.

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