Posted on Apr 04, 2019

Spring Family Walking Group

Duke Farms 1112 Dukes Pkwy W, Hillsborough, NJ 08844 

Friday's at 10am

Hillsborough Nj Walking Group

Join us Friday mornings at 10am to walk the beautiful landscapes of Duke Farms in Hillsborough. The weather is getting warmer, it's time to get outside! The benefits of walking can very significant and beneficial to your health. Just a a little each day can help to improve the boy ans spirit. Walking is a great low impact exercise and it's even more fun with friends. We are coming together to walk and talk and just enjoy the seasons change.

Walking Our Way to Health

Walking can effect the whole body. Research has shown that walking can help the heart by reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. it can regulate your blood pressure, and it improves circulation. Walking gets your body moving and your blood flowing. Many people don't realize how much they sit throughout the day. This can have very negative effects on your body.

The Benefits of Walking

There are many great benefits to walking regularly, but evidence supports walking with a friend or a group. More walkers will stick to their schedule if they have a friend or group with them. having a walking buddy will hold you accountable, make the activity more enjoyable, and help relieve stress by working your body and mind.

Duke Farms is the Perfect Place to Walk

Duke Farms is an amazing place located in Hillsborough, just off 206 and minutes from our Hillsborough podiatry office. It has over 18 miles of roads (or paths) made for walking and biking. It is mostly paved so it is the perfect terrain for most. It is easy for walkers, strollers, wheel chairs and runners. The sights are robust with nature, statues, waterfalls, lush landscapes. There is a parking lot and educational resource center equipped with a fresh cafe. 

We hope to see you there! Join our group and bring your friends and family out to explore a beautiful park right in our own neighborhood. No more excuses! Let's get outside and get our bodies and our minds moving! We will meet outside the Orientation Center wearing blue at 10am on Friday's starting May 3. 

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