Posted on Feb 21, 2013

surgery to fit into high heels

A friend of mine sent me the link below to an article off the Fox news website about women surgically altering their feet so they can fit better in high heeled shoes. As a surgeon of the foot and ankle, it may me think who would want to willingly go through surgery for the sole reason to fit better into shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, every day I see women who complain that when they wear high heels or pumps then get foot pain. Whether it be from a bunion, or a hammertoe or just generalized foot pain at the end of the day, their feet hurt. In these cases, of course surgery is an option but to reduce the pain and not just to get them into a new pair of Monolos.

Perhaps not everyone’s feet were meant to wear high heels? Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong and you need to do something to fix it.

If you are feeling any pain in your foot and ankle, then I would suggest seeing your podiatrist for an evaluation. Here at Hillsborough's Family Foot & Ankle Specialists we see men and women everyday who complain of pain in their feet. Although surgery is an option, we do everything we can including making use of orthotics, taping, padding and injections before we have to so surgery; and yes, changing shoes is often part of the treatment protocol.

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