Posted on Jul 05, 2012

One of our patients recently ran in a local triathlon and although she broke her foot during the biking...she kept on pushing! A triathlon consists of biking, swimming, and running all back to back. A person's success is determined by how fast the complete the entire course. The grueling competition can be very hard on a person both physically and mentally. In fact, just last year triathlons came under deep speculation into the number of deaths associated with the sport.

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Recently, one of our very own patients participated in a triathlon and right after the bicycle portion hurt her foot (although she thought it was just a bruise) it turned out to be broken. The strong competitor did not give up just from a bruised foot, she kept going and made it through the strenuous 5K and on to complete the entire activity. Now, that's one tough cookie.

Of course we understand the situation...if you are still breathing, you WILL FINISH a triathlon. Once you've made it so far, there really is no looking back, but in normal circumstance, we highly recommend you do not assume anything and head straight to a couch, chair or bed. Well, anywhere you can relieve pressure from the foot and begin the RICE process- Rest, Ice, Compression,Elevation.

The moral of the story is, we understand the mindset of an athlete, especially one as determined as to enter into a triathlon, however, in order to make sure you are able to keep up with your sport. It is advised that you maintain regular check ups....and if you get hurt, get help!

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